How it Works


iClarify is a comprehensive property valuation tool developed by SCM Risk Management Services (RMS) as a continuum of its services. It provides brokers and insurers with:

  • An accurate, standardized quoting process (validate consumer reporting and property data in real-time)
  • Current statistics or factual information about a property, nearby properties, or neighbourhoods
  • Streetscape images of these properties
  • Information that is accessed and evaluated in context with other properties in the same area
  • The ability to ensure that policies are insured to value and property valuation files are updated (verify existing property data against aggregated industry data)
  • Inspections, property images, valuation information, claims histories, and demographic information compiled as a complete underwriting report or as separate items
  • An extensive database of visual and quantifiable intelligence, cutting-edge technology, and a team of skilled experts

To learn more about iClarify, please contact us.